Excel in school. Excel in career.

  1. Your performance in school reflects a lot about you.
    It is a manifestation not only of your intelligence but also your willingness to work hard and persevere – the qualities that most employers are looking for. Your school grades may also indicate the “soft skills” that prospective employers are zooming into during job interviews. Communications, leadership, team player-ship, etc., can be deduced from the courses you have taken and if you scored great in these, then chances are you will do great in your chosen career.
  2. Your excellent GPA brings value to a job position.
    Employers recognize this value. GPA can be the tie-breaker between two job candidates that are virtually equal in every other respect.
  3. Current online job sites do not make any emphasis on school grades.
    You end up being immersed among the “average” and it is difficult to stand out. And it is difficult for employers to find you. Employers do want outstanding performers and they would actively seek outstanding performers if there is a facility for them to do so. The problem is there has not been such a facility. Not until now.