Transform your hiring decision process.

  1. Narrow down your candidate pool.
    For professional positions, it is a fact that school performance is a good predictor of job performance. Detractors would say otherwise and would provide anecdotal examples as evidence that this is not so. Statistically, however, good school performance is a better predictor of good job performance than average or mediocre school performance.
  2. It takes hard work and discipline to earn good grades.
    Employees with above-average GPA will more likely manifest the same traits in their jobs. Intelligence is a given as well. Employees with average to below-average GPA may perform well in their jobs but these cases are exceptions. So which job candidate would you rather take your chances on?
  3. The school transcript reveals a lot about the candidate.
    It minimizes the guess work in core competencies you’re looking for. It adds quantitative factors to your evaluation of candidate's hard skills and soft skills, and thus, makes the hiring decision more objective than subjective. is the only jobs site that gives you instantaneous access to candidates’ school transcript.


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